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Conducted by Ward Research in Summer 2003

Self-employed, part-time employees and other not eligible for employer-sponsored coverage under the Prepaid Health Care Act said they would enroll in a government-sponsored health program if they learned they were eligible.

In terms of paying for private insurance, the survey determined that the self-employed are willing to pay a monthly average of $108 for insurance covering doctor/hospital costs, while part-time workers are willing to pay $70 a month for the same coverage. If dental coverage were included, 59 percent of the self-employed, and 47% of part-time workers would pay about $195 a month for total coverage.

One solution offered would be to have higher deductibles and lower overall premium costs, rather than vice-versa – favored by a majority of those workers surveyed.

Next to doctor and hospital cost coverage, dental insurance and prescription drug coverage were deemed most important.

A total of 451 employers were surveyed from Aug. 7 to Sept. 4, 2003. The sample included 278 small businesses (1-19 employees), 108 medium businesses (20-99), and 65 large businesses (100+). The margin of error is ± 4.6%.

For the complete results, please download the PDF.